A directory of fundraisers for Evansville bars, venues, restaurants, and service businesses that can use our help to support their staff during the state-mandated shutdown.

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Featured: COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO

Donations support WHO’s work to track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information; and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments.

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Service Business

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    Support your favorite service industry employees in Downtown Evansville during the COVID-19 pandemic by tipping them in the Downtown Evansville Virtual Tip Jar. The DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - Economic Improvement District is compiling a list of Downtown Evansville service industry workers and their Venmo, PayPal and Cash App accounts. You can show your support by sending money directly to them. Select "LEAVE A VIRTUAL TIP" and you will be directed to a Google sheet listing servers/bartenders/hair stylists and other service industry professionals, along with their Venmo, Paypal and Cash App information. Use “ctrl+f” to search for a specific person/business.

  • Tri-State Food Bank

    Tri-State Food Bank is currently looking for volunteers

  • EVSC Grab & Go Lunches

    IMPORTANT CHANGE to Grab & Go meal program...the USDA has eliminated the requirement for children to be present. We can now issue meals to adults for their child or children without having to bring them to the pick-up site. One meal per child, please.

  • Donut Bank

    Donut Bank's drive-thru window is open. They also offer to ship coffee to your doorstep!